A uniquely secure approach

At the core of Tryyb is a one-of-a-kind security model that does not compromise between security and ease of use.

Unlike other platforms, Tryyb is able to learn your organization’s structure. User permissions are applied automatically, making sure the right information stays in the right hands.

Privacy Matters

Tryyb takes the sanctity of user data seriously. Your organization’s information belongs to you and your users. We do not share anything with third parties.

HIPAA Compliant

Whether you’re in healthcare or not, we handle all personal information to the highest standard of compliance. Tryyb has been professionally certified to ensure strict safeguards are in place and all data is secured with AES-256 encryption.

Independently verified

Tryyb undergoes rigorous independent auditing by professional security researchers. Our platform has been confirmed to meet or exceed all industry best practices. Both against external threats, as well as internal ones.

Trusted by trusted institutions

Tryyb has been relied upon for over 10 years by banks, healthcare workers, higher ed, trade organizations and more to handle their information securely and with integrity.

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