KnowledgeVault is becoming Tryyb.

This is a new name and identity. It is not a new company or product.

Why change the name? This isn’t just a bit of spring cleaning for us. It’s a long-overdue update that will help reduce confusion and tell a bigger story about what we do.

This has been in the works for a little while. Keep reading to find out more about why we are doing this. Long story short: this is less about changing things, and more about having the name “catch up” to our product today.

About Tryyb, our new identity:

No two clients use our product in the same way.

This is a wonderful testament to the versatility of our platform. But it makes it very difficult to draw a straight line through every customer and tell a consistent story about what we do. Let alone fit into a product category.

The one thing that has been consistent: building communities. In one way or another, our customers are connecting people. And we give them the tools to do it.

As a brand, we want Tryyb to capture this spirit. Not only for our customers but for us as well as we continue to update our features and add new ones.

Why this change?

We outgrew the old name. It’s as simple as that.

In 2009, when we named KnowledgeVault, we were up against a few forces:

We had to differentiate ourselves from the sea of learning management systems (LMS). We did have a comprehensive LMS. But we also needed to be clear that we did things very differently.

It was ahead of the curve on “the cloud”, and security was a big point of concern from our customers. So we doubled down on a name and identity around security.

But the world has changed a lot since then. “The cloud” isn’t a scary new idea. And neither is collaboration software. (Also gone are the hypermasculine edgy brand designs.)

And more importantly, our platform has changed a lot. The ways our customers use the product would have been unrecognizable to us 10 years ago. Our feature-set has more than tripled in that time!

This growing mismatch between our name and product has been a growing pain point. But launching a completely new identity like this is a pretty big move. So we’ve had it on hold until we were sure it was ready.

What is changing?

With all of that out of the way, what exactly is changing?

First, we again want to be clear that there is no change to the product. We will phase in the new name slowly. Since most of our customers have already branded their interface, end-users will see no difference.

Second, we are going to be more open and communicative. This blog is just the first step towards this.  You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Third, we’ll continue to add new features. Building new things is the coolest part of our job! This doesn’t change any of that. That said…

Third+, we already have a lot of features. We’ll be doing more to service and improve these features, as well as make sure our customers know that they are available.

We continue to thank our customers. Tryyb exists in no small part to their continued feedback and support.

Take care out there.