Emojis. The truly universal language.

Clearly, they were good enough for ancient Egyptians – and you can’t say they didn’t know how to get things done.

This month, we have been working on some improvements to our messages and Teamboards. As a small preview of what is to come, emojis now work inside of Tryyb! 🎉🥳

Okay, the boring technical stuff: There’s not actually a lot going on inside of this update. Previously, you could try to put emojis into Teamboard posts, but we weren’t parsing the Unicode characters correctly. We fixed that, then hammered out a few of the interfaces to make sure they showed up properly.

Maybe emojis are not your thing. In fact, let me sum up our CEO’s response to this exciting new feature:

Mike, our CEO:


If you want to be like Mike, we understand. However, if you are looking for a fun way to add some user engagement to your teamboards, we think you should give them a try. You know, ✨ things up a bit. It’s not like people couldn’t use some levity these days.

(BTW, did you know Chrome has a built-in Emoji keyboard? It’s right at the top of the list when you right-click. I know right! It was there this whole time and we never noticed it either).


What do you think of this feature? 👍? 👎? Have any questions? You can send me some 📭 and we’ll 🌮bout it.