2020 is over!

While not many kind words are being said in hindsight of a frustrating and turbulent year, we want to stop to take a moment and appreciate our customers who continue to make this an easy job for us to wake up to every day.

As early as February, we were already talking about how we would respond. We’re not a big team, but we value being conscientious. We made sure everyone could work from home, and made sure anyone who needed to come into the office could do so safely.

Adapting has been no small task. Some changes have proven to be welcome improvements in our work styles. Some changes have been hard and we won’t be sorry to see them go. We’re looking forward to a return to normal in 2021, but while things have been the way they are we have been happy to walk in the same shoes as our customers.

Sticking to the numbers, it’s been a pretty good year to provide online services. Our customers have relied on our services more than every before. And it does give us a bit of pride to provide a valuable service during an otherwise chaotic year.


Things we did in 2020:

What’s in store for 2021:

This isn’t all about patting ourselves on the back – here are four major initiatives our team is committing to do this year:

  • Improving user experience
  • Updating our task management/todos system
  • Updating the mobile app
  • More documentation

Some pictures:

Mike is normally not allowed to take care of bugs at the office. Our developers made an exception for these ones.

Sadly, Betsy passed away this year. She loved nothing more than wandering around the yard outside the office, looking for a nice place to nap in the sun.

Our team during one of our daily meetings.

Our messily beautiful “KanBarn” board, giving a sneak peek at what we are working on for 2021.